Why Choose Slick Text For Your SMS Marketing Campaigns

SlickText is the company to turn to when marketing your company is of the most importance. Providing text message marketing to businesses of all sizes, SlickText brings to you the expertise, dedication and commitment necessary to effectively market your company.

Allow SlickText to Benefit You

SlickText makes it easy to get started with text message marketing, even if you are a first-timer. They provide you with a free trial if you want to see for yourself how beneficial SMS marketing really is to you. And, there are no start-up fees and no other hidden fees. If you choose to start off with a paid package, the price you see is the price you get; nothing more, nothing less.

And, with the array of services offered with SlickText, you can be sure that you get what you want and so much more. Take a look at a few of the things that you can attain with the help of this top rated  SMS marketing company.

  • Group Texting: Reach more people easily with group texting
  • Mobile Phone Messaging: If you are on the go, the show must still go on, and it can. SlickText allows you to create and send your messages via your mobile device.
  • Text Contests: Contests are a great way to attract a customer, and with SlickText it has never been easier to do. They’ll take care of every aspect of your contest, making it fun and stress free.
  • Auto-Replies: You  can easily create an auto reply to send with your messages.
  • Text Message Scheduling: Easily arrange the time you want to send your text messages out.
  • Analytics: Analytics let you on the inside of your campaign, learning  those things that really matter to get you successful. SlickText offers this tool for you no matter which package.
  • Facebook Integration: We all know how popular Facebook is, and with the SlickText Facebook Integration you can ensure that you are getting the word out to the entire audience!
  • Age Verification Tool
  • Built-in Link Shortening
  • Keyword Marketing: With SlickText you can choose your keywords and help your SMS marketing strategies. They’ll even help market those keywords for you. What could be better?
  • Free Incoming Messages

Would you believe this is only a short list of the many things that will come your way when using Slicktext to help with your  text message marketing campaign? They offer the most to ensure that the needs of each and every company is taken care of.

SlickText Cannot be Beaten

Try to find a company that offers all of these things at the same prices. You probably can’t, at least not for a company that is really going to go out of their way to see that your campaign is a success.

SlickText offers several different packages to ensure that your text message marketing needs are met. These packages are all affordably priced so  that you always find a good deal for impeccable services when you trust SlickText.

SlickText is the professionals who do more for their customers and their marketing efforts without weighing them down with the need for  more money. When you want a campaign that gets the recognition that gets the success, make sure that SlickText Is the company you seek.

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